2020 Programme

January 14th

Project 2020 –

A cardboard case –Our project is a beach scene.At the back of the box : Hotel/Shops /beach stalls. At the front a beach. Ideas are punch and Judy, deck chairs, sand castles, beach balls Etc.


February 18th

Mini Projects for the Big Project – demonstration evening – candy floss, flip flops, parasols

March 17th

An Evening with Dave –making a deck chair and wind break

April 21st

Mini Projects for the Big Project – Kites, buckets and spades etc

May 19th 

A Spring Flower Basket

June 16th

An Evening with Felicity Austin –  the seaside – ideas for our beach project

July 21st

A Model Village – Our Xmas present was a small wooden house.
In July and August  as a Group Project we are going to transform our houses into a small village.

August 18th

A Model Village

September 15th

AGM & Look at Projects

October 20th

An Evening with Valerie – Lace Making Project

November 17th

Christmas Trees

December 8th

Christmas Party – food, drink, fun, and games